Become the founder
your business deserves.

Become the founder your business deserves

Has your business outpaced you?
It has if this describes you:

You have urgent needs.

You’re stuck and as a result you feel trapped.
You’re buried in work and it’s overwhelming.
You’re spinning your wheels and it’s tremendously frustrating.
You can’t help but feel out of control, incapable and inept — and it didn’t used to be this way.

You have unfulfilled compelling desires.

You got into business to be free, not burdened with responsibilities.
You long to be confident, productive and expansive.
You are willing to do whatever it takes to be not just capable but adept and masterful.
You intend in every way to be the qualified, enabled, empowered leader your business deserves.

From the outside, anyone would say you are already a successful entrepreneur but…

You know in your heart the success of your business has exceeded your own personal and professional growth, and you know that’s not sustainable.

So now what?

If you knew what to do about your urgent needs and compelling desires, you would already be all over it. You are here because in honest self-assessment you know you need help. And if you are going to submit to such help, you are certainly going to demand results.

This is where you get the help you require.

I help you as a business owner take the lead once again and outpace the growth of your business.

It’s about helping your business progress on a straight path to its next significant stage. A successful business goes from infant to toddler, toddler to child, child to adolescent, adolescent to adult. Wherever your business stands now, there is always something more.

It’s about ever more maturity and ever more security.

It’s time to requalify.

Why “requalify”? Because it is evident you started off qualified. After all, you got your business this far. But then success happened and you know what? The business outpaced even you: the owner, the boss, the visionary, the founder.

What do you get when you “requalify”?

What you get is more money, more time, more choices, more freedom. Want more specifics?

Let’s talk about the benefits.

Financial benefits

  • You will capitalize on the significant investment you have already made in your business: the money, the time, your effort and your attention.
  • You will build on and enhance the reputation you have already created for your business.
  • You will massively improve productivity, both your own and that of your business.
  • You will make far better financial decisions from an orientation toward wealth rather than scarcity.

Emotional benefits

  • Your confidence will soar.
  • Your focus will be sharper than ever.
  • Your clarity will rise to new heights.
  • Your self-esteem will become unbeatable.
  • You will possess newfound peace of mind.
  • Optimism will be your common outlook.

Physical benefits

  • You will literally breathe easier.
  • You will avoid “businessman’s indigestion”.
  • You will regularly get a sound night’s restful sleep.
  • You will feel stronger and more vibrant.

Spiritual benefits

  • You will experience a real connection with your purpose.
  • You will see yourself making a difference in the world.
  • You will progress in achieving your dreams.
  • Your work will give your life meaning.

It’s time you got yourself a trusted advisor.

That’s me, Kenneth Vogt.

Small businesses have become the latest and greatest power for changing the world. I’m here to help you do it.

While there are many popular voices on the entrepreneurial scene, there are some things I have learned through my own business creation experience that you never hear anywhere else. It made me realize I must be the one to impart these methods and tools, this wisdom and experience.