“To preach more than half an hour, a man should be an angel himself or have angels for hearers.” ~George Whitefield

First, last and neverDo you look out into the world and see an ocean of people who need what you offer, develop, build or sell? If it were that simple, business would be a lot easier.

Many would-be entrepreneurs and unfortunately many actual business people operate from just this principle. The major flaw here is people don’t want what they need.

If people wanted what they need everyone would be thin, in love and rich. Solutions for the afflictions of being overweight, loveless and poor abound. Yet you will see the masses in need of these outcomes dwarf the small group that actually fulfill those needs.

It is delusional to think that what you have will sell because “people need it”.  People in need are not your market. People who have already fulfilled their need are.

Queue the Choir

It’s called “preaching to the choir”. Do you know who buys weight loss products and keeps buying? Skinny people. Do you know who pays big dollars for business coaching services? People who have succeeded enough in business to pay for such services. It makes sense really. These are the people who don’t just have a need for what you offer, they have demonstrated that they value what you offer. They have sacrificed for it, worked for it, and invested in it.

Look how this metaphor plays out. You could preach to the heathen masses. But frankly they find you boring and somewhat suspect. However, the thing about the choir is:

  • they like your message;
  • they know the hymnal;
  • they come every Sunday;
  • they know other people in the choir.

Do you see the advantage in making this shift in your target market? You don’t have to educate them about their needs or, worse yet, convince them they have a need. They want your message, in fact they are seeking it out. Finally, they hang out with other people who are educated and seeking. I’m telling you, the choir is the place to preach!

Won’t They Be Hard to “Save”?

Let me put to bed one worry you might have. If they are already in the choir, aren’t they already “saved”?

Yes. And…No.

They keep showing up for services because they are not done. They want more and this wanting more is far more powerful and should be far more enticing to you than the need out in the street. They are here by choice and on purpose. It is true that you will have to deliver. So if you are in a business that cannot face competition the choir is going to notice. But if you’ve “got it”, they are going to love you. There is more than one preacher in the world and it works out fine.

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Must I Forsake All Others?

No, of course not. It is just that until they join in the song, they really aren’t ready for your message. So welcome all but watch for the singing. If you do, you will find your marketing efforts are a lot more productive.

Who is your choir? Tell us about it by commenting below.

Photo credit: Greg Thomas

How to Receive the Benefits of Preaching to the Choir
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