If you are ready to move past being stuck, overwhelmed or spinning your wheels, I can help. I created Entrepreneur Essentials as your way up and your way out. So let’s schedule a ten minute phone call. The purpose for scheduling this call is really simple. I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions to determine IF or HOW I can help you. If I feel like I can’t help you, I’ll politely let you know and do my best to point you in the right direction. If I feel like I can help you, we’ll book in another time to talk about how. If it feels like you exist to support your business rather than your business exists to support you, schedule that call.

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What do others have to say about Kenneth?

“I was making a living from my business. But I was stuck in a rut. My business had plateaued and so had I.

“I read business and self help books and attended seminars like crazy to try and figure out how to grow. They helped a bit; they gave good ideas and perspectives, but putting it all together into an actionable plan was an extremely difficult and slow process.

“Veras Claritas brought everything together and in two months they have catalysed a fundamental, and monumental shift in me, and my business. Now everything is aligned, clear and growing.

“If you are serious about growing your business I would highly recommend that you take up what Kenneth is offering and start your own transformation process.”

Chris Bloor is a master copywriter who has written single sales letters responsible for $10 Million in sales. Chris is the real deal and this is what he said about our website:
“Kenneth, I LOVE your sales copy. It is amongst the best I ever read.”Kenneth here: I am not a professional copywriter but what I am is CLEAR. If you would like to have the kind of clarity that gets people who are truly gifted at what they do to compliment you, this is the program for you.

“I loved hearing your perspective on the opportunity to choose who we want to work with and to create what we want to see in our own business. I realize that freedom, fun, adventure, love and contribution are some of my core values and that I don’t have to feel like they need to always be lofty ideals. I related to you when you spoke of your own whys for sticking with what kept you in the freedom mode. Very inspiring.”

“I’ve read the Clarity guide, and got a lot out of it – it was exactly what it said on the cover!! I’ll go ahead and book my time with Vera Claritas. I also listened to the call and was finally inspired to actually practice what I have been preaching for years – I did and am continuing to do the exercises, with wonderful results.”