“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” ~Aristotle

? Stop - No Stopping ?You do not control your mind.

Want proof?

Grab a stopwatch. Don’t bother with the minute hand, you will only need the second hand.

Start it. Now stop thinking.

Tell me how long you last before a thought shows up.

Did you make it to two digits? That’s not bad.

Three digits? I’ll bet you are proud — and that there is a one in the hundreds column.

Tell your mind, “Thank you for sharing.”

Anybody who has a cat can tell you that they don’t control said cat. But they still own it (even if the cat begs to differ). It’s the same way with your mind.

We actually have lots of possessions that we don’t control at the detail level. Do you really know how your car works? Or your television? computer? cell phone? toaster? Chances are you own some fairly basic devices whose operating principles are a little fuzzy to you.

You own nothing that even begins to approach the complexity of your mind. Does it scare you that you don’t control this precocious thing?

Don’t sweat it. Really. There is only one thing you have to know and make known to your mind. It’s just this: you are not your mind.

You don’t have trouble grasping that you are not your wardrobe or your car or your job. This is the next realization.

Your mind might push back a little but it will lay down pretty quickly. It has lots of other stuff to think about.

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Once you realize that this thing, this mind works for you, you will experience a whole new freedom. That freedom is far grander than any control you might have had over your mind. Release the control and embrace the freedom. Your mind will be a good little soldier. In fact, you will find it is more comfortable in its proper role.

Have you put your mind in its proper place? Tell us about it by commenting below.

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Who’s Minding the Store?
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2 thoughts on “Who’s Minding the Store?

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    I just got over not being my body, now I’m not my mind either? Where will this end? 😉

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      Ah yes, where will it end? You have headed down the rabbit hole. This is an inquiry well worth pursuing however.

      You are not your body, you own your body.

      You are not your mind, you own your mind.

      Who owns your body and your mind? Or perhaps better yet, what owns them? I will go into detail about that at a later time but for now, trust that you know the answer to that question. Be quiet and it will come to you.


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