“Do not let yourself be tainted with a barren skepticism.” ~Louis Pasteur

DosingPowerful medicine must be dosed properly or it can harm you, even kill you. Some medicine after trials proves to be harmful at any dosage. So how does this apply to the well-known phrase “a healthy dose of skepticism?” How much is enough? How much is too much? What is the proper dosage for a healthy dose of skepticism?

The answer: None.

None? None?!? Am I supposed to be gullible, naive even? Of course not. The problem is with the intent of skepticism. It has an agenda. Its foundation is doubt, assumption of falsehood. It is by its very nature closed. It requires an overabundance of “proof” to overturn its preconceptions.

So let’s use a better word since words matter. Let’s replace “skepticism” with “inquiry.” An inquiry seeks to discover. It has no starting premise, it is free to go wherever investigations lead.

So let’s ask the question again with our new word. What is a healthy dose of inquiry?

A healthy dose is one that leads to satisfaction and wholeness. Are you at peace that the inquiry is complete, whole and harmonious with the truth? Then you can conclude your inquiry and accept the conclusions, even if that means you must make a radical departure from previously held conclusions or beliefs. With a healthy dose of inquiry you will feel the freedom to do so.

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As Dr. David R. Hawkins points out in Truth Vs. Falsehood – How To Tell The Difference, skepticism is not supportive of life. Inquiry however is. Challenging anything that is unclear to you is never a bad idea. Just be sure to approach it with the right attitude and the opportunity for unity and understanding becomes available to you.

Have you had to battle skepticism? Tell us about it by commenting below.

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What Is The Proper Dosage For A Healthy Dose Of Skepticism?
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2 thoughts on “What Is The Proper Dosage For A Healthy Dose Of Skepticism?

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    I feel stupid saying it but I feel skeptical about giving up on skepticism. It’s been a protection for me. I’m worried if I let go of it I’ll get bamboozled.

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      First off, let me just say that “bamboozled” is a great word. 😉

      It is natural to fear the unknown. After all, skepticism has served some purpose for you. So what do you do when you are venturing into the unknown? You stay close to the known. So first test it out on something that won’t be too costly if you get let down. For instance, order something new off the menu. The worst case scenario is you’re out a couple bucks and you’re still hungry.

      When that happens (and sometimes it will), here is what you do next: order something else new off the menu. You will start to realize that the cost isn’t so high. When you are emboldened by that, more opportunities will arise for you to legitimately inquire without skepticism.


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