The Problem with Patterns

image descriptionWe all have our habits, things we do a certain way every time, mostly without even thinking about it. Have you ever found yourself pulling up at your job and realizing you can’t remember the trip that got you there? It’s like the car knows where to go. Actually, it’s your brain that knows where to go. There is a “go to work” groove carved into your gray matter so you don’t even have to think anymore.

You’ve Changed

image descriptionEverything changes. Even seemingly inert things change, if on a geologic timescale. The fact is nothing is permanent. This is especially true of living things. Living is practically synonymous with changing.

How to Add the Critical Human Touch to Your Email Marketing

Buenas noticias - email marketingIt may come as a shock to corporate marketing departments everywhere but when email marketing to a list, the real objective is to communicate. Sure, measurable conversions to engagement or even sales are great. But when we lose track of the fundamental fact that on the other end of that email campaign is a person, a human being, then we are going to get poorer and poorer results.

You’re Solving the Wrong Problem

Lan Su PortalYou have a solution and it is whiz bang. You know the one. You started your business to share it with the world. This solution of yours is valuable and it addresses a big, prevalent, important problem. The world will be a better place with this problem finally eradicated and you know exactly how to make it happen. Let’s call this your target problem and the people who have it your target audience.

You May Not Be Who You Think You Are

PassportIf you ask the typical American who they are, after their name they will likely tell you what they do for a living. This is one reason why the loss of a job is so hard on people. It’s one thing to lose your income, but losing your identity is nothing short of catastrophic. And yet, unemployed, you are still here. So you cannot be your job.

If Systems Are So Great Why Don’t They Work For Me?

Goal SettingEveryone is looking for the shortest path from where they are to where they want to be. A proven method for success is to model those who have already achieved the very thing you would like to achieve. After all, they know the way, they know the pitfalls, and they know the sweet, sweet taste of success.