“Whatever needs to be maintained through force is doomed.” ~Henry Miller

Pushing the carPolice forces, military forces, armed forces — they bring to mind control, order, even security. A person may be deemed a “force of nature”, admiringly viewed as a person who is irresistible and gifted. Force might seem like the strongest thing at one’s disposal. But within its nature lies its own limitation.

Force is always opposed, in fact it must be opposed to exist.

Force is always bound and limited.

Force is always temporary and it is destined to end.

Force makes the physical world work. It is not flawed. But it is not of the same quality as power.

Power, as a cardinal feature of Divinity, is insurmountable and unopposable.

Power is not only infinite, it is unbound by space.

Power is not merely eternal, it is timeless.

“In a grudge match of Power Vs. Force, you better believe I’m rooting for Power.” click to tweet

Dr. David Hawkins wrote a seminal work on this topic entitled Power Vs. Force that established him as a modern day sage. Dr. Hawkins realized that power is not a physical thing, it is an aspect of the spiritual plane. It is by power that the spiritual plane spawns the physical realm. Because of the limits of force, it cannot exist in the spirit realm. However, it is to our everlasting benefit that power can and does exist in the physical world. Here in the physical world one sees power at work in the forms of love, wisdom, and justice. Nothing is or can be lost by the existence and exercise of these powers.

So whenever one entertains the use of force, they would be wise to ask, “How can I rather exercise power?” Therein lies harmony, permanence, and eternity.

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You Can Be Stronger Than Any Force
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    I didn’t realize that I use force all the time until I read this. I thought I was powerful but maybe not.

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      Just making that distinction is going to change things for you and for the world.


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